I am a Certified Orton – Gillingham Practitioner, working with students with Dyslexia and other learning challenges. I have 11 years of experience managing a Montessori environment in a private independent school in Richmond BC, and the transition to working with varied age group of students is very refreshing.

I am pursuing the PIDP course to open my mind to new innovations in teaching and broaden my horizons with inspiring opportunities. A walk to life long learningĀ is a new beginning and this blog will allow me to share my experiences.

My exploration of PIDP courses done so far had led me to a whole new world of learning and teaching. It is a complete contrast to what I had experienced in my own education and what the present trends are. My profession has always inspired me to be creative and dynamic in teaching. I have been using the blog to store resources that I have explored, created and am interested to save for later use. 3240 is my last PIDP course and I plan to use my blog as an online tool with the trainees in my profession. Almost there…!


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